Saturday, June 18, 2011

Latin dance, karate and gymnastics class

Hey Family and Friends!!
We are back home in Zapopan and excited for this next semester! I am so happy to be home with my sweet, handsome husband!! I feel so blessed to have him in my life and to have our three cute kids! I can't even tell you how much joy they all bring me! We signed up for some classes and they started this week. Adam and I are taking latin dance from our Bishop. He is awesome, he won lots of dance competitions. We just love his family and his wife is so sweet and patient with my spanish!
Then Taylor is taking karate. Her second class she was sparring with this girl and kicked her off the mat twice. I was trying not to laugh because I have never seen that side of her, but I love it because she is so in love with every boy here and they love her golden hair and fair skin, so I want her to be able to kick some butt! Then Payton started gymnastics and five adorable girls just followed her everywhere and showed her how to do everything. They let her cut up to the front of the line every time and she just did that shy little Payton smile and they all started laughing and hugging her! I was worried because she doesn't know as much spanish as Taylor but she is this little celebrity there. Its so stinkin cute!:)
I'll try and post some pics as soon as my computer starts working.
Hope everyone is doing great!:)
Love, Kaci

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My computer won't let me download pictures so I'll just give a quick update. Adam is doing good and is just as hot as ever!! I love that man, he is so dang patient with me and my craziness! I'm so blessed to be married to such an amazing person!:) He is doing great in school and so is Taylor. I put her in the school here and she loves it! Her spanish is getting so good. Her teacher is not very nice and I don't think she likes me. haha She lectured me (in spanish) in front of all the parents. It was pretty funny! She doesn't speak a word of english, but that doesn't stop Taylor from trying to talk to her:)
Payton and Brian have become such good buddies and they get into so much trouble together! Payton always blames the messes they make on Brian! haha Yesterday she said, "Mom I'm going to take out all the toys" I said, "If you do that you will sit in the time out chair." Payton said, "Okay, if I sit in the chair then can I take out all the toys?" I don't know what to do with her sometimes! I just have to laugh at her naughtiness!
I am the primary pianist and I play this little keyboard, I love it! We have no idea how spoiled we are in the States! I also started taking this zumba class and it is the funnest class! These women who are older and a little bit bigger than me can dance the day away! I'm telling you, I can't keep up! They are so cute and fun!!
Oh, and we are going to AZ the third week in April and the kids and I will stay until the first week in June! So excited to see everybody!! Love you all, hope everyone is happy and healthy!:)
Love, Kaci

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Hermit

I feel like a stranger in my own body! It is so weird, and I know it sounds strange but it is what it is. I don't feel like socializing with anyone and I feel so insecure lately! I can't stand it! Have you ladies ever felt like that? My poor husband is going crazy, I know. He said, "Who are you? You were the most outgoing person when I met you! You always wanted to be around people!" I hope this changes soon because my girls are little social butterflies and they're stuck home with me, the "hermit"haha I'm sure I need to just change up my schedule and actually get ready before noon, then I won't scare people away with my crazy hair and no make up!hehe Well, I'm going to try! Tomorrow's a new day and the sun will come out!:) I hope it shines bright tomorrow because I do love the sun! It's laying out time!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Guadalajara Zoo

This zoo is amazing! For $7.00 you can get into the zoo and go on the safari ride. The safari drives you into the cage of the giraffs, zebras and ostrichs!
This pictures for you Dad! Scouts honor with the buffalo's. Doesn't get any better than that right?!

We were standing by this bush talking and I looked over and this is what I saw! I screamed, as you can imagine! In the States you can't get this close to the animals. It was crazy!
Here's the Safari truck and the giraff's. Look at that beautiful tongue!:) Brian fed them and they were so gentle.

This is the view in the food court.
Taylor and Payton jamin out on the African drums!

This polar bear was so cute! He copied everything we did!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mess maker!!

Brian goes from mess, to mess with those big innocent eyes and cheesy grin! Oh, I love this boy!!!
Yummm.. "Women's World."

Paper in the mouth and I still can't resist that face!

Party time... a glue stick and crepe paper.

He pulled the pizza box off the table and helped himself!

There he goes, fleeing the scene!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The 24th Celebrations

We went with my sister to Cedar City for the 24th celebrations (Pioneer Day) It was so much fun, the kids were in the parade and loved soaking everyone with squirt guns and then they had a carnival.
Brian and I waiting for the parade.

Payton petting every dog there at the parade!
Liza and Brian (the cutest babies!)

Taylor was so wet and cold, she was not happy.

My girls with their sparklers and of course Payton is posing!

Fireworks in the street. I love Utah!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sweet Sleepers

My kids are such cuddlers! Especially at bed time. We read some books before bed and they all want to be on my lap. I love it!:)

We found them like this asleep. So sweet!

Cousins, Brian and Liza 7 weeks apart

They were all asleep like this until Brian heard me giggling about how cute they were!haha Before I woke him he had both arms around Taylor's! Precious:)
Look at his "morning" eyes. He wanted to go back to sleep.